What Is Doing Business Differently & What Will You Get?

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But Wait, What Does Different(ly) Mean?

The vast majority of businesses prioritise profits over people, power over positive impact and control over trust. At my EdTech startup, Mission Equality, we don’t do that.

We do it differently in every which way needed and possible; we prioritise people over profits, positive impact over power and trust over control. But wait! What does that actually mean and look like in practice?

Here are a few things we’re doing differently:

  • We’ll always have a majority Black and Brown team.

  • We have a flat team structure with no C-suite team and the philosophy that we are all leaders of our own areas.

  • When we’re generating a sustainable income, we’ll pay Black and Brown people 30% more than white people on the team.

  • Everyone will be paid using the same equivalent hourly rate, irrespective of role.

  • We don’t believe in trademarking our ideas; they’re feely available to share and use (with attribution).

…and many more things we are and will be choosing to do, differently. I write about what we do, why we do it and the impact it has here.

What Is Mission Equality?

Mission Equality is an EdTech startup with a different kind of origin story. In June 2022, I resigned from my executive position as the COO of my former startup, an EdTech company based in the USA. We were a company deeply committed to diversity of all kinds and explicitly anti-racist.

…Until I resigned because my co-founder/CEO and a member of the board were racist towards me (not for the first time) and it no longer felt safe to stay and do my job.

And so - with no income to speak of - I quit and started Mission Equality.

Our goal? To create equality for everyone by building a virtual university that teaches a Mx of Equality leadership development program (think an "equality MBA"). Our ultimate goal is to replace the MBA with the MxE.

We're also modelling a new and decolonised approach to work with the way we’re building the company - and that’s primarily what I write about here.

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As a free subscriber, you’ll get irregular posts that may prompt you to question the status quo and the way things are done currently.

You’ll also hear more about the WHY, WHAT and HOW of what we do at Mission Equality, as we do it.

Who Am I?

I am Lea Jovy. I quit the corporate rat race - as a management consultant at Accenture - after my mum died in 2003 (2 weeks to ‘recover’ was NOT enough).

Since then I’ve run a variety of my own businesses. Among the numerous ideas (at one point, I had 200+ domain names registered!), the most notable, impactful and ‘successful’ have been:

  1. Coining the term ‘location independent’ and leading a world-renowned blog/business, with the original online community of digital nomads, for over a decade while living and working in places like Panama, Grenada, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Thailand, South Africa, Turkey and more.

  2. Founding an online tech school for women and leading an event to help 1,000 women get a WordPress website set up and running in one day, with sponsorship from leading names in the industry.

  3. Setting up an EdTech company in the middle of the pandemic, as a co-founder and COO, which we grew from a valuation of $2.5m to $10m+ within 12 months, raised $1/2m in 8 weeks and which was founded firmly on the values of diversity, equity, belonging and anti-racism.

Sadly, I resigned from that last company in June 2022, due to racism from a board member and my co-founder/CEO. That’s the origin story of Mission Equality.

I am a single parent to two children who I home educate, am gay (after coming out at age 39), and was adopted by white British parents at birth; there’s a lot of ‘different’ in this 5ft 2in package! This is business and life, differently!

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I’m a co-founder of Mission Equality. Our goal? Using education as an agent of change to build a path to equality for everyone.